Caribbean Futures Institute

If we don’t imagine our futures, who will?

About us

Our mission is to study the specific challenges the region faces by tapping the brainpower of Caribbean futurists to imagine and report on alternatives to our present, as well as write fiction to illustrate what could be. Why? Because if the Caribbean doesn’t imagine its own futures, others will do it for us.

Our team is a registered non-profit with a collection of leading researchers, authors, and policy analysts either living in the Caribbean or with direct diasporic ties to the islands. That gives us a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities in the region that few others have.

Build a future with us

What we do

On Demand Storytelling

It’s not enough to have research – a story frames and demonstrates the implications and impact of studies, whether through collections, collaborations between scientists and artists, or governing bodies.

Organisational Consulting

The institute’s professionals can teach teams how to harness their creativity, imagine new strategies, provide foresight investigation, or game out policy to imagine unforeseen consequences.


The C.F.I. seeks to build resources to benefit the region’s futurists and storytellers. We want to create shared spaces for these minds to meet and invest in each other.


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